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Money Market Funds or Accounts? – #FLMonth

April 28, 2011

Tweet Greg Pare with Financial Fitness Coaching brings us today’s Financial Literacy Month question. It involves a couple of savings products. Do you know the difference?

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Where Do I Start? – #FLMonth

April 20, 2011

Tweet Josh Levitt from asks a great question about retirement investing. All of these are part of a well rounded retirement plan, but what’s the best way to start investing?

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Who Is This IRA Person Anyway? #FLMonth

April 6, 2011

Tweet Our question today is being provided by Coach Greg at This question involves a pretty popular topic these days. Everyone’s talking Traditional IRA’s and Roth IRA’s and whether you should convert or not. Do you really know what they’re talking about though?

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Living the Easy Life

March 18, 2010

Tweet I’ve had several people ask me about retirement planning lately, so I thought I might outline a few recommendations in my blog this week. First and foremost is that you can NEVER start too early. The power of compounding interest is phenomenal! I saw a statistic just the other day that said if someone […]

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Shaking up the Dow

March 9, 2010

Tweet Have you noticed the number of earthquakes we’ve had so far this year? The first notable one was in Haiti, and then there was the big one in Chile. It seems like there’s a news report of one every day. Just today there was news that a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit just off Hawaii! […]

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