The Tax Man Cometh – #FLMonth

April 15, 2011

Tweet In honor of “tax day”, Jon White of JW’s Financial Coaching asks about refunds.

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$1000 To Pay Down Debt! – #FLMonth

April 13, 2011

Tweet Wouldn’t you love to be in this situation? Were/Are you in this situation? It is tax time, and many people do get a return this time of year. There’s little better you can do with that money than pay down debt with it. Give this question some thought, and then put your answer into […]

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Stay Accountable With Today’s Question – #FLMonth

April 12, 2011

Tweet Down in Texas, they know how to watch out for themselves. Check out today’s Financial Literacy Month question from a Lone Star Coach, Julia Gray-Lion at Promises Financial Coaching. It’s directed specifically at you singles out there.

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The Best Thing To Do In Your 20’s – #FLMonth

April 11, 2011

Tweet Josh Levitt of Levitt Coaching brings us today’s Financial Literacy Month question. This is another great thought question. Make sure you leave your reasons with your answer. As with all of these questions, it’s the thought process that’s important, not so much the actual answer. We’d love to hear what you think.

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When the Going Gets Tough… #FLMonth

April 10, 2011

Tweet Here’s another great one from Steve Stewart of MoneyPlan SOS for Financial Literacy Month. Be sure and check out the entertaining video, then share your thoughts. Use the tag #FLMonth on Twitter. Question: When money gets tight we… A) Stop saving for retirement B) Stop eating out C) Stop talking to each other 🙁 […]

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The Art of Saving Money – #FLMonth

April 9, 2011

Tweet Today’s Financial Literacy Month question comes from Linda Lillico at

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This Question Really Hurts! – #FLMonth

April 7, 2011

Tweet Here’s a GREAT video from my fellow finance coach Steve Stewart of MoneyPlan SOS. Don’t skip straight to the question on this one. Make sure and watch the video.

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