Thoughts On Mortgages – #FLMonth

April 24, 2011

Tweet Julia from has an awesome question to challenge the way we think about money:

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Eating Up Your Income – #FLMonth

April 23, 2011

Tweet Have you ever wondered how your grocery budget stands compared to other people? Chime in on this question from Matt Wegner of Living In Financial Excellence and let’s discuss our answers.

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Where Do You Get Your Advice? – #FLMonth

April 22, 2011

Tweet Today’s Financial Literacy Month Question comes from Jon White at JW Financial Coaching. It pays to learn from others who have been there before you. Be sure and evaluate why they are qualified to instruct you before you take their advice though.

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Give It Up

April 20, 2011

Tweet It’s Easter time. Visions of chocolate bunnies and baskets full of sweet goodness fill the minds of many children. The thoughts of the more mature among us turn toward something a little more eternal. This is also the time where many people of faith give up something meaningful (or not) in observance of Lent. […]

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It’ My Mess!

April 19, 2011

Tweet One of the current hits on the “reality” cable shows is “Hoarders”. The show chronicles people who have an obsessive desire to collect stuff. They never seem to throw anything away. In some of the worst cases, people are living in horrid filth. They can hardly move around their home. As strange as it […]

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So Simple a Kid Could Get It – #FLMonth

April 18, 2011

Tweet Brad Chaffee and his son Isaac (Enemy Of Debt) bring today’s Financial Literacy Month question of the day to us. This question is really so simple that a kid could answer it, but how many times have you seen people who just didn’t seem to get it?

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Saving For a Rainy Day – #FLMonth

April 16, 2011

Tweet Our Financial Literacy Month question of the day comes from Matt Wegner of It involves your priorities when it comes to saving.

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