If Your Checkbook Could Talk

December 14, 2010

Tweet If your checkbook or credit cards or debit cards could talk, what would they say about you? You can tell a lot about someone just by reviewing their spending habits. The things that are important to you really begin to stand out over a period of time.

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The Cost of Christmas

December 10, 2010

Tweet Every year since 1984 PNC Wealth Management has compiled the cost of Christmas from the 12 Days of Christmas song. Adding up one of every item on the list yields a 9.2% increase over last year. The total cost of these 12 items is $23,439.38. This is almost double to original cost calculated in […]

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Plan On a Great Christmas

November 19, 2010

Tweet Today I talked with a reporter from the Daily Journal. He wanted to find out more about how my family handles budgeting for Christmas. I talked to him about how we set a budget at the beginning of the year for gifts and we set a little aside from every paycheck throughout the year. […]

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The Biggest Reason to Have a Plan for Your Money

October 18, 2010

Tweet People have various reasons for wanting to get out of debt or get on a budget or create a retirement plan. Many of these reasons involve creating a better life for themselves. Maybe they want to stop having so many bills to pay. Maybe they want to have more freedom to take vacations or […]

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Are You Smarter Than an 8 Year Old?

April 9, 2010

Tweet My 8 year old twin boys achieved their goal yesterday. Before their birthday last year they had been asking for a Wii. This was shortly after my factory closed and I was unemployed. It wasn’t exactly the best time to be running out and buying them a $250 video game machineconsidering all the other […]

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