How To Become Self Insured

July 29, 2010

Tweet It seems that whole life policies are a fairly popular option with people. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to actually get some money back after paying for a product for so many years? The problem is, you’re trying to mix products. You are trying to mix a life insurance product with an investment […]

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What the World Cup Can Teach Us

June 21, 2010

Tweet While much of the rest of the world pauses to watch the World Cup soccer matches with perhaps more attention than we give to March Madness here in Indiana, people in the U.S. go about their business as if nothing significant is happening. Perhaps we should spend a little time learning about the world […]

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More Ways to Save on Insurance

May 31, 2010

Tweet How do you decide what health insurance option to select when it comes time to set up or adjust your options? Do you just pick the lowest deductible you can afford? That may not be your best bet. I know it can be very confusing with all the different plans and deductibles you are […]

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What’s Your Plan?

April 27, 2010

Tweet The other day I was talking to one of my wife’s co-workers. He knows I do financial coaching and he was pretty proud of himself for the way he has handled his money thus far. He was wondering what I could do for someone in his financial position. For someone who is fairly young, […]

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