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Thoughts On Mortgages – #FLMonth

April 24, 2011

Tweet Julia from www.PromisesFC.com has an awesome question to challenge the way we think about money:

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Who Owns Who? – #FLMonth

April 14, 2011

Tweet Do you own your own home, or does it own you? Today’s Financial Literacy Month question from Jackie Walters basically answers that question. You can find her on Facebook at Personal Finance with Jackie Walters.

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Accelerate Your Mortgage Part Two

March 25, 2011

Tweet In the last post, I talked about the 20-15-25 rule for taking on a mortgage. These next two tips will help you speed up paying off that mortgage once you have acquired one. They will also help accelerate the process of building equity in your home to ensure you don’t end up under water […]

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Creative Financing for Dummies

May 1, 2010

Tweet Dyan and I were doing some book shopping at our favorite bookstore (Goodwill) and ran across this title,¬†Creative Home Financing. Wow. An entire book for that? I can sum it up in three words DON’T DO IT! Okay, so maybe I cheated a bit with the contraction. I’ll go ahead and allow four words. […]

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