Throw Your Money Away

November 30, 2010

Tweet I just received a flyer in the mail from our brand new Aaron’s store that they built across the street from the nearly vacant strip mall that used to house a Wal-mart. The Wal-mart relocated to a brand new Supercenter a few years back. All the new buildings being built while others sit vacant […]

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Deja Vu All Over Again

August 19, 2010

Tweet On Monday I talked about the top 3 ways to prevent a financial setback. They were to get on a budget, reduce your debt and establish an emergency fund. On Monday and Tuesday the subject of a series of classes I’m teaching was about ways to reduce your spending. After presenting about 100 different […]

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The Top Three Ways to Prevent Financial Setback

August 16, 2010

Tweet I use to do my business accounting online. One of the added benefits, besides being free, is that they have a very active community. One user posted the question “How have you overcome a financial setback?”. That was an easy one for me. You can read the story here for more background on […]

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This Post Is Not for the Weak

June 15, 2010

Tweet Debt Consolidation Companies and Credit Counseling Services seem to be all the rage lately. Many of the websites out there that offer financial advice seem to also have adds for these types of companies. I also see a lot of questions from people asking for advice about them. Personally, I’m not a big fan […]

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Why Oprah’s Debt Diet Doesn’t Totally Add Up

June 7, 2010

Tweet Oprah has been replaying some episodes of her show from a few years ago when she introduced her Debt Diet program. I was doing a little research on the content of this Debt Diet and a few things jumped out at me that are worth mentioning. Overall, there is a lot of good information […]

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

June 3, 2010

Tweet This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, they caught up with a group of people that had been on the show last January. They were all deeply in debt and struggling. They received some advice and help from Dave Ramsey at that time to get a Total Money Makeover. In this follow up segment, […]

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Climb Higher

May 10, 2010

Tweet I joined a group on LinkedIn that has a finance topic. We were discussing whether or not you should teach kids about using credit cards. The argument was that credit is a reality of life and so they should be taught how to properly use them. Of course I was arguing against their use. […]

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