The Long and Short of Long Term Care Insurance

August 23, 2010

Tweet Have you given any thought to long term care insurance? As with any insurance product, the best time to think about it is when you DON’T need it. You’re probably thinking, “Why should I need that kind of insurance? I’m nice and healthy and I’m never going to allow myself to be stuck into […]

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Deja Vu All Over Again

August 19, 2010

Tweet On Monday I talked about the top 3 ways to prevent a financial setback. They were to get on a budget, reduce your debt and establish an emergency fund. On Monday and Tuesday the subject of a series of classes I’m teaching was about ways to reduce your spending. After presenting about 100 different […]

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The Top Three Ways to Prevent Financial Setback

August 16, 2010

Tweet I use to do my business accounting online. One of the added benefits, besides being free, is that they have a very active community. One user posted the question “How have you overcome a financial setback?”. That was an easy one for me. You can read the story here for more background on […]

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Three Reasons Your Budget Will Never Work

July 26, 2010

Tweet Recently I’ve seen several blogs and other forums where people have stated that they’ve tried to budget, but it just didn’t work for them. Here are three reasons that their budgets failed to work. Reason 1: It’s not going to work if you don’t give it time. When you’re new to budgeting, your first […]

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Tomorrow Never Comes

July 20, 2010

Tweet Many people seem to be under the misconception that your finances have to be in order before you can start a budget. If they’re unemployed and not able to make ends meet, they think they need to get a job and increase their income before they can start the budgeting process. The reality is […]

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Until Money Disagreements Do Us Part

July 15, 2010

Tweet Do you and your spouse have a lot of disagreements over money? Money issues are listed as one of the top causes of divorce in the nation. There is hope though. Often times two opposite personalities come into a marriage. In the case of money, it is a saver and a spender that many […]

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Put Some Passion In Your Money and Your Marriage

June 17, 2010

Tweet I’ve been reading Top Performance by Zig Ziglar and Jim Savage. It’s an awesome book for leaders. There is a lot of advice on how to be a great leader and how to inspire the people that work for you to do great things. Something that really caught my eye toward the end of […]

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