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Emergency Bonus Round! – #FLMonth

May 1, 2011

Tweet MAYDAY! EMERGENCY video! This wasn’t scheduled (emergencies never are) so this is a bonus question for Financial Literacy Month. Matt tells their story of his unexpected even in a podcast, and asks this question:

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Oops! My Mistake – #FLMonth

April 30, 2011

Tweet This great video from Julia at Promises Financial Coaching for Friday’s question came out a little later than normal, and I totally forgot to get it posted for Friday. Sorry folks.

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Give It Up

April 20, 2011

Tweet It’s Easter time. Visions of chocolate bunnies and baskets full of sweet goodness fill the minds of many children. The thoughts of the more mature among us turn toward something a little more eternal. This is also the time where many people of faith give up something meaningful (or not) in observance of Lent. […]

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Saving For a Rainy Day – #FLMonth

April 16, 2011

Tweet Our Financial Literacy Month question of the day comes from Matt Wegner of FinancialExcellence.net. It involves your priorities when it comes to saving.

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This Question Really Hurts! – #FLMonth

April 7, 2011

Tweet Here’s a GREAT video from my fellow finance coach Steve Stewart of MoneyPlan SOS. Don’t skip straight to the question on this one. Make sure and watch the video.

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Planning for the Unplanned

February 15, 2011

Tweet What does the future hold for you? No one really knows, do they? (Except maybe for that psychic that comes on at 2am.) That’s where the importance of your insurance policies come in. They help you to reduce the financial risk associated with an unplanned accident or tragedy in your life. There are other […]

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