Dave Ramsey

Change Your Future

November 23, 2010

Tweet Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be debt free? Are you wondering what it would be like to have money set aside for future expenses instead of living from paycheck to paycheck? Will you still be paying for Christmas well into the new year? If any of these strike a […]

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Your Titles Are Meaningless To Me

November 15, 2010

Tweet I just read a very disturbing answer to a question on LinkedIn. Matt Wegner of Matt Wegner Financial Coaching (and Grate Outdoor Solutions, LLC by the way), asked in the LinkedIn Answers section whether it is possible to live without debt. Two of the answers (at the time of this writing) said that it is […]

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Three Reasons Your Budget Will Never Work

July 26, 2010

Tweet Recently I’ve seen several blogs and other forums where people have stated that they’ve tried to budget, but it just didn’t work for them. Here are three reasons that their budgets failed to work. Reason 1: It’s not going to work if you don’t give it time. When you’re new to budgeting, your first […]

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Don't Be Mistaken For Pond Scum

July 5, 2010

Tweet I just returned from spending a week volunteering in the poorest county in the U.S. I helped install heating and air conditioning equipment in the new addition being built at the ministry that serves the people there. This was my second year there, and I have every intention of returning again next year. So […]

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