Forgotten Finances

August 8, 2011

Tweet It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve been really busy working on some other projects and just haven’t made the time that I should have. That’s a big problem in our modern society it seems. We rush from place to place without slowing down. This can have an adverse affect on our […]

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Emergency Bonus Round! – #FLMonth

May 1, 2011

Tweet MAYDAY! EMERGENCY video! This wasn’t scheduled (emergencies never are) so this is a bonus question for Financial Literacy Month. Matt tells their story of his unexpected even in a podcast, and asks this question:

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Oops! My Mistake – #FLMonth

April 30, 2011

Tweet This great video from Julia at Promises Financial Coaching for Friday’s question came out a little later than normal, and I totally forgot to get it posted for Friday. Sorry folks.

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Thoughts On Mortgages – #FLMonth

April 24, 2011

Tweet Julia from has an awesome question to challenge the way we think about money:

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It’ My Mess!

April 19, 2011

Tweet One of the current hits on the “reality” cable shows is “Hoarders”. The show chronicles people who have an obsessive desire to collect stuff. They never seem to throw anything away. In some of the worst cases, people are living in horrid filth. They can hardly move around their home. As strange as it […]

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How Many Points Have You Earned? – #FLMonth

April 17, 2011

Tweet Today’s Financial Literacy Month question is brought to us by Steve Stewart of MoneyPlanSOS. If you get the answer to this one wrong, you may want to consider consulting a marriage counselor, not a financial counselor…

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$1000 To Pay Down Debt! – #FLMonth

April 13, 2011

Tweet Wouldn’t you love to be in this situation? Were/Are you in this situation? It is tax time, and many people do get a return this time of year. There’s little better you can do with that money than pay down debt with it. Give this question some thought, and then put your answer into […]

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