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Eating Up Your Income – #FLMonth

by Don Current on April 23, 2011

Have you ever wondered how your grocery budget stands compared to other people? Chime in on this question from Matt Wegner of Living In Financial Excellence and let’s discuss our answers.

Question: How much should you spend on groceries per person in the household each month?

A) $50 per person
B) $100 per person
C) $150 per person
D) $200 per person

I’d love to know what you think, and where you stand.

  • Marilyn Current

    Between $100 and $150. I’ve noticed through the years that the more people in the household, the less per person I’ve spent. It is actually more economical (per person) to buy and cook in larger quantities. So, elderly on fixed income have that additional whammy to their budget.

    • Don Current

      Well, I sure hope you’re right. If we do end up adopting those three kids, we’ll definitely need to be taking advantage of “economies of scale”!

      • Marilyn Current

        When you think about it, it makes sense. For two people we end up making a full-size recipe in a lot of things, just out of habit, or because some recipes can’t be cut down. Then, we either eat it up “just because it’s there”, or the extra goes to waste because we get tired of eating it over and over. Whichever, we never make less than two servings. But, when cooking for 5 people, we would often made 4 servings, either because the children didn’t eat as large of portions as adults, or we scaled everyone’s serving down slightly without being noticeable. Besides, there usually was someone in the family who didn’t care for a particular menu item as well as everyone else did, so would take only a minimal amount.

        With laundry, you can usually put a few more items in a load without increasing the amount of detergent. Same is true when washing dishes. And, of course, you don’t usually use any more toilet cleaner than you do for just two people. (Okay, maybe you do use more windex – at least when the kids are little and windows are at their level. :-) )

        Besides all that, God has His ways of making five loaves feed five thousand! :-)