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How Many Dollar Signs in Love?

by Don Current on February 4, 2011


photo courtesy Jeanie Forever

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the traditional day where people run out and spend a bunch of money on their sweetheart. Particular attention is paid to sparkly things and things that have no lasting value such as chocolate and soon to die flowers. How was it that we came to value these things as expressions of our love?

I’m proposing something different for this year. What can you come up with that doesn’t cost any money at all, but will hold much higher value to your loved one then anything you could buy? Maybe it’s a night alone at home without the kids, just the two of you and a movie. Maybe you could fix a nice dinner at home.

Coupon books of things like massages and dates are usually a hit as well. I’ll bet finishing up a project that is long overdue would score high on the list as well. Accompany any of these with a handmade card that includes sentiment from the heart, and I’ll bet you hit a home run.

What ideas do you have that cost little to nothing, but will have more value than an expensive dinner and some dead flowers?