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Don’t Go Away Sad

by Don Current on December 31, 2010

Walking Away

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This morning during my quiet time, I read a devotional regarding The Rich Young Man in Matthew 19:16-22. He asked Jesus what he must do to gain eternal life. Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give to the poor. The young man then went away sad because he was very rich.

Some people might think I’m going to launch into a discussion of the evils of wealth. I don’t believe that was what Jesus was saying here though. What actually struck me this morning was the reaction of the young man. He came to Jesus with a specific question. Jesus told the man very specifically what he needed to do to get what he wanted. The young man then went away sad because he was not willing to do what was required of him.

Are you doing that in your life? Many people are very tired of the conditions they’re living in financially. They’re tired of the debt, or the living from paycheck to paycheck, or from not knowing what the future holds for them financially. There are numerous sources out there who have the answers to fixing this problem. But are you willing to listen and more importantly to take action?

We are on the eve of a new year. This is a time when people traditionally vow to make a new start. Even though there is nothing particularly special about the date in reality, it’s as good a time as any to make a change. Will you vow to take the actions necessary to get what you want, or will you go away sad?

I’m offering a chance for you to get more of the information you need to make that change coming up January 19th. You can read more about that here. Make 2011 the year you take action instead of walking away sad.