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Merry CHRISTmas and My First Podcast

by Don Current on December 24, 2010

CHRISTmas Shepherds

Photo courtesy Daniel Burton

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry CHRISTmas. I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends during this season. Also don’t forget the real reason for the season. Jesus Christ came as a little child to bring the greatest gift to mankind. The time of year and the reason for establishing the day are┬ádebatable, but the end result remains the same regardless of all the arguments. Enjoy!

I also just co-hosted a podcast with a fellow finance coach, Steve Stewart, from the St. Louis area. You can check it out on his website MoneyPlanSOS. We review a real case study and make suggestions and recommendations. Some of these things may apply to your situation so you should check it out. Leave a comment while you’re at it. It would be much appreciated.

May you and your family have a wonderful CHRISTmas and a great new year. Make it your best year ever by making goals and plans for every area of your life.