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If Your Checkbook Could Talk

by Don Current on December 14, 2010

Bank Statements

Photo courtesy rocksee

If your checkbook or credit cards or debit cards could talk, what would they say about you? You can tell a lot about someone just by reviewing their spending habits. The things that are important to you really begin to stand out over a period of time.

Would a review of your accounts reveal a gambling problem? Health problems? Debt problems? Maybe we’d see that entertainment holds a big place in your life with cable bills, cell phone bills, and new big screen televisions. Perhaps it would reveal a taste for the finer things in life like good wines and fine dining.

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe it would reveal a frugal life with visits to Goodwill and Aldi. Maybe there would be a lot of support to your local church and favorite charities. Perhaps you would show a large percentage going toward college for your children and a nice retirement for yourself. High on your list could be family activities and vacations with the family.

Whatever your past spending says about you, it’s only a part of the story. The ending isn’t written yet. What would you like your story to be? The best place to take control of your story is with a budget, or a spending plan. Define what you want your story to be, and then live it.