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Might As Well Jump

by Don Current on November 8, 2010

Cliff Jumper

Photo courtesy Dennis Barnes

The seventh and final money myth addressed in Your Money God’s Way by Amie Streater involves what she calls “cliff jumpers” These people are the ones that leap into a situation without seeking any counsel from God or friends. They jump into situations that “only God can save them from” without first seeing if it’s really part of His plan for them.

This belief comes from misinterpretation of scripture. They feel that by putting themselves in these impossible situations is showing blind faith in God. I do believe that God does sometimes require us to jump without all of the facts, but I also believe He expects us to be prudent about it even under these conditions. He puts wise┬ácounselors into our lives. People that we can trust to give us an honest and inspired opinion. He gives us His Word to study and learn from. He gives us the Holy Spirit to direct our decisions. Before jumping into anything, we should consult these sources with prayer and study to make sure it is within His plan. If it is His will, He will make it plain to you even when it doesn’t make sense on the surface.

That brings our review of the seven money myths that keep Christians broke. If any of these strike a cord with you, it may be worth your while to pick up a copy of this book. Each chapter has a list of strategies for overcoming these myths. There are also a couple of chapters at the end addressing the basics of budgeting and financial planning. As I said in my review however, that is not the primary focus of this book. Look to books by Dave Ramsey, Ron Blue, or Larry Burkett if you are looking for more basic financial planning.

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