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The Heavenly Money Machine

by Don Current on October 25, 2010

Magic Money Faucet

Photo courtesy Jason Eppink

Today we’re looking at myth number five from Your Money God’s Way by Amie Streater. This is another myth that I have seen first hand. Too often people rely on God’s providence to bail them out of a financial hole they’ve made for themselves. They justify it to themselves by saying “well I’ve paid my tithe and helped the poor”.

Yes, God does promise to bless those that are faithful to Him in their giving, but that doesn’t necessarily mean monetarily. It definitely doesn’t mean He will be some magic ATM that will fulfill our every need just because we gave to the local soup kitchen.

Some people even put themselves into debt by giving to ministries. God expects us to be wise with what he’s given us. If we aren’t making our basic living expenses, we shouldn’t be giving beyond our basic tithe.

I am a firm believer in making giving a top priority in our basic budget. That means a reasonable amount though. The ten percent tithe instituted in the Old Testament is a good number to use if your budget is tight and you’re wondering how much to give. The most important part though is to make sure you give with a cheerful heart, whatever amount you decide to give. That is far more important than any percentage figure.

Your giving should be an amount that is planned in your budget. Don’t feel guilty about not giving to every worthy cause that comes along. Make sure to work your plan. If you stick to it, you will eventually find you have more to give in the long run. Don’t put yourself into a position where it’s going to take a miracle to bail you out.