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The Biggest Reason to Have a Plan for Your Money

by Don Current on October 18, 2010

In Your Footsteps

Photo courtesy ~Zoe~

People have various reasons for wanting to get out of debt or get on a budget or create a retirement plan. Many of these reasons involve creating a better life for themselves. Maybe they want to stop having so many bills to pay. Maybe they want to have more freedom to take vacations or to have nice things for their family.

For me there is one thing that is a primary motivation to do well with the money I have been blessed with. I’m sure that most of you will agree with me on this reason if you really give it some thought. 

The other day my son Darrel demonstrated this reason for me. Our church like many churches in this current economy is having some challenges with its finances. Due to these challenges, there has been some discussion regarding possibly having to make some staff cuts if there is not a significant change in income versus spending.

Darrel has decided for the past two paydays to not just give a tithe of his allowance, but to give his ENTIRE allowance to the church to make sure we do not have to cut staff.

You see he gets it. He understands what the true value of money is. Money is only as valuable as what it can do for us and others, not for what it can buy. He understands that a new game for his Nintendo has no value in comparison to what the church can do with that money.

For me, THAT is the biggest reason to manage my money well. Not for my retirement, or for my peace and security. It’s to train my children to do better than I did. Don’t  we all want our children to do better than we did?