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Your Money Problems Aren't What You Think

by Don Current on June 11, 2010

Empty Pocket

Photo by Peter Gerdes

I often hear people referring to their money problems. They talk about loan payments, credit card payments, and bills. They talk about not being able to take that Disney vacation.

I used to have money problems too. I was always wishing for that next promotion, pay raise, or bonus. I’ve learned a valuable lesson though.

The money problems I thought I had were actually quite opposite of the truth. I learned that when the company where I worked for nearly 18 years went bankrupt and closed up shop almost a year ago. Fortunately we are debt free and have an emergency fund to protect against this very thing. My wife also has a good job, but our income none the less has dropped by over 60%.

What I’ve learned through all of this is that it wasn’t that we needed more money. In reality probably what we needed was less money. I was working for the money not because it was something I enjoyed. Now that I am running my own business doing something I enjoy, life couldn’t be better! We have had to make HUGE cuts in how we spend our money, but we are loving life! I have more time with my kids. I have more time with my wife. I have more time for things at church.

Eventually as my business grows, the money will return, but this time I’ll know that my money problems have more to do with my attitude about it than the amount I have.