June 2010

What the World Cup Can Teach Us

June 21, 2010

Tweet While much of the rest of the world pauses to watch the World Cup soccer matches with perhaps more attention than we give to March Madness here in Indiana, people in the U.S. go about their business as if nothing significant is happening. Perhaps we should spend a little time learning about the world […]

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Put Some Passion In Your Money and Your Marriage

June 17, 2010

Tweet I’ve been reading Top Performance by Zig Ziglar and Jim Savage. It’s an awesome book for leaders. There is a lot of advice on how to be a great leader and how to inspire the people that work for you to do great things. Something that really caught my eye toward the end of […]

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This Post Is Not for the Weak

June 15, 2010

Tweet Debt Consolidation Companies and Credit Counseling Services seem to be all the rage lately. Many of the websites out there that offer financial advice seem to also have adds for these types of companies. I also see a lot of questions from people asking for advice about them. Personally, I’m not a big fan […]

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Your Money Problems Aren't What You Think

June 11, 2010

Tweet I often hear people referring to their money problems. They talk about loan payments, credit card payments, and bills. They talk about not being able to take that Disney vacation. I used to have money problems too. I was always wishing for that next promotion, pay raise, or bonus. I’ve learned a valuable lesson […]

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Why Oprah’s Debt Diet Doesn’t Totally Add Up

June 7, 2010

Tweet Oprah has been replaying some episodes of her show from a few years ago when she introduced her Debt Diet program. I was doing a little research on the content of this Debt Diet and a few things jumped out at me that are worth mentioning. Overall, there is a lot of good information […]

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

June 3, 2010

Tweet This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, they caught up with a group of people that had been on the show last January. They were all deeply in debt and struggling. They received some advice and help from Dave Ramsey at that time to get a Total Money Makeover. In this follow up segment, […]

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