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Remodeling Walmart

by Don Current on April 14, 2010

Walmart Logo

Our local Walmart is in the process of remodeling the store. Things aren’t where they used to be. There are barricades set up to lead you around areas being worked on. You go to where an item used to be and find a totally different department there and then find out the item you wanted is clear at the other end of the store. Sometimes you’ll find half the department in one area, and the other half in a total different area. It’s a complete and total mess. But, they’re repainting the walls. They’re installing newer shelving. They’re making things fresher and brighter. So, in order to prevent a little short term discomfort for their shoppers, should they just leave things alone? Should they just stick with the status quo and allow the place to deteriorate? Sure, it’s a little unpleasant now, but when they’re done, it’s going to look like a brand new store.

Sometimes we all need to do a little remodeling in our lives. None of us our perfect. We all have goals and dreams we want to achieve. In order to accomplish that though, we’re going to have to endure some messes. We’re going to have to do a little searching to find things. But in the long run, the end result is so much better than where we are today. It’s well worth the effort.

So, are your finances where you want them to be? Do you know where you want to be 10, 20, 30 years from now? You need a plan to get there, and you’re probably going to have to make some changes to where you are right now if you’re going to ever get to your destination. Achieving your dreams will be well worth the temporary discomfort though.