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Tomorrow Is Not Today

by Don Current on April 4, 2010

I’m going to take a break here from the normal finance posts I’ve been doing. Part of being successful in any area of your life is making sure that you are living a well rounded life. You can’t focus on any one area for very long without causing everything else to become imbalanced.

I’ve been reading quite a few self improvement and business improvement books lately. I’ve always felt it important to never be satisfied with where I’m at. One of the books I’ve read recently has actually been around for a long time, but truth never goes out of style. The Go Getter by Peter B. Kyne was written in 1921 but still has application today. It’s about not letting anything stand in your way. It’s written in a story format and is very entertaining. It’s actually quite a short book, but packs a lot into its few pages. The general theme of the story is about getting the job done regardless of the obstacles. Never let anything stand between you and achieving your goals. Far too many people never even start a task for fear of the perceived obstacles let alone the actual issues they might encounter in the pursuit of a goal. The truly successful are the ones that achieve their goals regardless of what may stand in their way.

The other book that has impacted me is QBQ! by John G. Miller. It stands for the Question Behind the Question. The general theme of the book is about personally responsibility. Too often we tend to blame people and circumstances around ourselves. This book is about ignoring the surface issue and getting at the root of the problem and attacking that head on. So often we blame so-and-so because they were supposed to do it. What we should do instead is just take care of the problem. Focusing on blame and complaining accomplishes nothing. We need to take charge of our own destiny and make it happen. If we rely on others, we will never be successful no matter how worthy they are.

Take some time to read some good non-fiction books. Make tomorrow better than today.